Help Stop Facebook From Censoring Conservatives!

After Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential election, Facebook began limiting distribution of publishers Facebook pages even though millions of Facebook users had “Liked” the pages.

Over the past two years, Facebook has continued to interfere with publishers. They encouraged us to build our business and to depend on their platform for our livelihood. They built what was known as an “Instant Article” platform and encouraged us to enter into an advertising partnership with them using ONLY the ads supplied by them and the profits were split between the publisher and Facebook. As soon as they realized the earning potential of the platform, they terminated those agreements without warning.

At the beginning of 2018, they required all commercial Facebook pages being operated by a business be placed in one control center known as the “Business Manager.” Publishers were required to submit their personal identification as well as their corporate papers to have their pages certified so they could continue to operate on the Facebook social media platform. At no time did Facebook ever indicate that any of our 30 plus Facebook pages violated any of their “Community Standards.”

On October 11, 2018, without any warning or notification, Facebook removed almost 600 commercial Facebook pages and 200 Facebook profiles—many of them veteran owned like this one. At no time were we ever notified that we were violating any community standards or given an opportunity to right any wrongs… Nor were we permitted to download a backup of the files from our personal profiles. Like most American’s we had over a decade of our life’s treasured photographs and videos that one assumes will always be safely stored on their servers and they refuse to even provide a backup of the account like they make available to all subscribers.

The nearly 600 Facebook pages that were removed were mostly pages of Conservative News sites… Conservative news sites that had millions and millions of fans that were being provided with conservative news… News that is often overlooked by the mainstream media… News and information that they knew threatened the left’s chances of winning elections in the upcoming midterms this November.

USA Liberty Media, LLC has been in contact with a law firm that that is willing to represent us and take on the social media giant, but we need your help. We need to raise $15,000 to retain the law firm who has offered to take our case on a blended contingency agreement. We pay a portion of the hourly legal fees and they receive a portion of any settlement.

This case is bigger than just a small internet publishing company… This is about our basic freedom as Americans and adults to chose what information we want to read and what information we don’t want to read… It is about letting Facebook become the final authority on censorship in the new digital public square, or retaining our right to discern fact from fiction on our own.

Regardless of what your political views are, we hope that you will agree that the decision to decide what information you want to receive and read should be yours and yours alone.

Please donate $5, $10 or whatever you can afford to help us in our fight against Facebook.

100% of the funds will go towards USA Liberty Media legal fees and we will be representing your right to speak your mind on social media.

We absolutely must stop social media from shutting down free speech in America and meddling in elections by manipulating the news.


Help Stop Facebook From Censoring Conservatives!